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Université Centrale privée (Tunis, Tunisie) : 4 écoles supérieures spécialisées Université Centrale Central University L’Ecole Centrale Polytechnique Privée de Tunis est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur qui  accueille les étudiants désireux de poursuivre des études en cycles  préparatoires, ingéniorat, licence et mastère. ecole centrale privée de santé, université centrale : diplome en santé Centrale DG est un institut supérieur privé en Tunisie qui propose des cursus LMD (Licence Master Doctorat) dans différents domaines de gestion et de droit. Centralecom école d’enseignement supérieur privée, du groupe Université Centrale (Tunisie)

Degree in Applied Obstetrics: 3 years

Admission Requirements

Admission to first year is open to holders of bachelor of secondary education or equivalent.

The specialty " Obstetrics "

Obstetrics is a medical profession to skill set that is to accompany the pregnant woman before, during and after childbirth.
The midwife provides medical care for pregnancy (clinical examination , ultrasound, fetal monitoring , screening for risk factors or diseases ) as well as counseling for the mother and the meetings of childbirth preparation .
She is responsible for the conduct of normal childbirth , since the diagnosis of early labor until delivery. the birth, she provides care to newborn and practice, if necessary , initial resuscitation while waiting for the doctor.

The objectives of this training are :

  • Monitor clinical and para -clinical pregnancy.
  • Detect risk situations medical , psychological or social .
  • Monitor labor and fetal vitality by the appropriate clinical and para -clinical .
  • Perform normal birth and delivery.
  • Participate in the physical and psychological safety of mother and newborn at birth.
  • Ensure comprehensive care of mother and child .


  • 1st Year

  • 2nd Year

  • 3rd Year

Histology and Cell Biology
Microbiology and Immunology
General Pharmacology
First Aid
Social Psychology
Medical and surgical semiotics
medico- surgical Pathology
Social communication and health
Fundamentals of ethics , human rights and administrative regulations
Public health in Tunisia
Introduction to documentary research

special Anatomy
Special Physiology
Normal Obstetrics
Care techniques in obstetrics TP
History of the profession of the midwife
Ethics in Midwifery
Psychopathology of Women and Children
Public health in Tunisia
Normal newborn
Sick newborn
obstetric pathologies
Physical preparation for childbirth and prophylactic
Special pharmacology
Research Process
Computers and Internet
Association Activities

Obstetric practice in outlying maternity
Forensic medicine and deontology
Health Education
Administrative law and health
Sexology and psycho -prophylaxis
Maternal disease and pregnancy
Obstetric Anesthesia resuscitation
Biostatistics computer

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